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Purohit24 is a club of doers who believe and practice the biggest philosophy of the world called Astrology. Astrology is all about time, from the moment we born with a destiny weaved in the fabric of time. Astrology based Importance of time and punctuality for doing each action as per energy of plants and star system around us. Astrology is dedicated to the importance of every moment of time and punctuality to optimise once output on daily basis.


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Our aim through this institution is a small initiative to bring astrology back to the glory of its golden history, in which, from the lap of the Himalayas to the Gurukuls of Rameswaram, an attempt is made to connect such gurus who have devoted their lives to this greatest and grand philosophy of the world. and who are actually practicing this knowledge for the upliftment of the society and the attainment of Parabrahma. Through technology, God has given us the facility today that we can take all the small and big decisions of our life sitting under the shadow of a Guru who can see our past, present and future objectively, a guru who can help us and guide us in reaching the goal of life. Only then will we really understand the importance of this great heritage, worship it and take advantage of it.

श्रीमद् भागवतम 3.10.11 श्लोक मैत्रेय उवाच गुणव्यतिकराकारो निर्विशेषोऽप्रतिष्ठित: । पुरुषस्तदुपादानमात्मानं लीलयासृजत् ॥ ११ ॥ अनुवाद मैत्रेय ने कहा : नित्यकाल ही प्रकृति के तीनों गुणों की अन्योन्य क्रियाओं का आदि स्रोत है। यह अपरिवर्तनशील तथा सीमारहित है और भौतिक सृजन की लीलाओं में यह भगवान् के निमित्त रूप में कार्य करता है। Eternal time is the primeval source of the interactions of the three modes of material nature. It is unchangeable and limitless, and it works as the instrument of the Supreme Personality of Godhead for His pastimes in the material creation.—Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.10.11

We have seen yearning of the people for a real guru, being exploited by the the so called market leaders in astrology platforms, keeping people in long queues even till late late night just to get few minuts of their beloved gurus, and these so called market leaders exploit both the astrologers and clients equally. Our Mission is to help everyone who is looking for enlightenment to find a ray of hope in form of a Guru (GodFather) like a Purohit for every family.